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Process Analyzers

Industrial Process Analyzers

Real Time Process Knowledge and Control

Process NIR systems can be key in gaining process knowledge and improving process control. Our Process NIR Series of analyzers combines analytical power and intelligence with ease of use in an integrated systems package. Integrate our NIR systems directly into your existing control system easily via standard communication protocols. The system also includes probes designed to measure direct from process streams and enclosures for harsh or sanitary environments. We also designs custom analyzer packages for challenging applications.

The Analyzers are supported by the full line of Fiber Line NIR probes, flow-through cells, fiber optics and other sampling accessories. Measure multiple process points (up to 20 with one analyzer), high temperature or pressure streams, sanitary processes and corrosive chemicals. We can design custom sampling accessories to answer the specific needs of your applications.

Key Benefits:
  • Rapid Return on Investment – On-Line measurement offers increased production yield, reduced waste and improved quality control.
  • Rugged NIR technology designed for maintenance-free 24 hour operation
  • Reduced lab work and elimination of expensive, time-consuming tests
  • Measure multiple process points with one analyzer with our fiber optic technology and optical multiplexing
  • Integrate into your Analyzer with your Distributed Control System, PLC’s, networks, or other hardware through our customized automation software package.
  • Rapid-scanning NIR monochromator with built-in dynamic wavelength referencing system
  • Process probes and flow cells
  • Multiplexer for many insitu analysis points
  • Fiber optic cables for remote sampling (up to 200 meters away from the analyzer)
  • LTBus Control System Interface Software
  • Sample Conditioning if required
  • NEMA or IP Enclosure
  • Installation and on-site training

Products - Bus - DCS Software

Bus Software for DCS Communication

Integrate NIR Into Plant Control Systems

Our Process Analyzers can be easily integrated into existing plant control systems. Communicate with any of our Near Infrared (NIR) analyzer with one of over 30 Modbus type protocols including the newest LAN capable Modbus and internet interfaces. Other protocols such as 4-20mA are available as well. The software can integrate NIR into your DCS, PLC or LIMS allowing for better process knowledge and control provided by real time analytics. The system is software driven, built on a proven windows platform, eliminates expensive hardware, and is designed to provide the best price to performance value. The software allows for use by both the DCS and manual operation. No additional hardware is needed in either case. Each system includes LTVista software and GRAMS Chemometrics modeling software, which work together to provide a complete software solution. Develop models on the instrument, then automate the same system via DCS to measure vital plant process parameters.

Key Benefits:
  • Software driven eliminating costly hardware
  • Easily configurable for any number of Standard Communications Protocols
  • Customized auto-sequencing available for standalone closed loop systems
  • Reports all instrument conditions, results, and maintenance routine values
  • Includes preventative and predictive maintenance software tools

Industrial Process Systems

Online Chemical Process Analyzers

Complete Measurement Solutions

Our line of Process Near Infrared Analyzers offer stable, reliable and accurate process monitoring in a wide range of industrial applications and settings. Our Process Analyzer series is designed for rugged, rapid scanning and analysis of your process units and streams They are developed for stand alone installations in closed loop control of your manufacturing processes. The online process systems enhance quality control, increase yield, and reduce waste with real time analysis and reporting. The applications of NIR online technology span multiple industries and the technology has been applied in the harshest environments.

With the selection of an analyzer, multiplexer, fiber optics, and sampling device, you can start measuring real-time properties of your product. Integrate it with your DCS or production controls and the results close the loop on your process control. Analyzer housings with Hazardous Area classifications are available for almost any environment.

Our NIR system includes:

  • Rapid-scanning NIR monochromator – designed for 24 hours continuous automatic operation.
  • Flow Cells and Process Probes with options for high temperature / pressure, chemical resistances, retractable, CIP/SIP, etc.
  • Multiplexer for up to 20 analysis points with a single analyzer
  • High transmission, low noise fiber optic cables allow for measurements over long distances
  • LTBus Control System Interface Software
  • Sample Conditioning if required
  • NEMA or IP (NEMA 3R or 4X with Purge option; or IP equivalent)
  • Installation and on-site training. Remote access diagnostics available.

Sample Conditioning Systems

On-Line Sample Conditioning Systems

Condition to Your Requirements

Sample conditioning can simplify difficult process measurements, increasing accuracy and making new measurements possible. They are a key part of online process monitoring for several processes and industries where difficult conditions make normal measurements fail. Be it Petroleum blending, hazardous materials, tiny quantities of pharmaceuticals at very low temperatures, or any other specific sample conditioning requirement NIR can meet your conditioning needs. Contact us to learn more about our process systems and measurement options. We do what it takes to make difficult measurements so that you have the process information you need for successful operation.

Sample conditioning systems (SCS) are designed for conditioning specific to your process needs. Flow rate control, temperature control, high pressure, multi-stream, reference standards, and alarm systems are only some of the SCS options available.

Key Benefits:
  • Multiple, redundant streams reduce equipment down time
  • Simple long lasting design for high MTBF
  • Automation integrated with the analyzer system
  • Stream conditions are reported to both the analyzer and the DCS
  • Full onsite training, setup and support comes standard

Our NIR standard sample conditioning systems include a rugged spectrometer, fiber optic cable going to one or many Sample Conditioning Systems, sampling stations and a software package. The SCS’s come equipped with our patented AR-Cell or one of our many probes for measurement. Standard Sample Conditioning includes particle and contaminant removal, water or oil removal, flow control and temperature control.